Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume 10. Number 1. March 2019                                                  Pp.127-138

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Pedagogic Effectiveness of Digital Storytelling in Improving Speaking Skills of Saudi EFL

  Hayam Mohamed Salama Eissa
Department of Languages and Translation
Faculty of Science and Arts, Rafha
Northern Border University, Arar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia





The purpose of this study is to find why adult learners are unable to speak English as Foreign language (EFL) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Moreover, it tests the pedagogy of adopting the strategy of Digital Story Telling (DST) in teaching English as a foreign language. The study is applied on Northern Boarder University as a case study. The first question raised in this study is whether the conventional methods of teaching are the reason behind their failure of speaking the English language and whether the modification in the pedagogy of teaching affects the learners’ speaking skill. To this end, data are collected through a questionnaire.  Furthermore, a model of a teaching program, based on using DST strategy, is improved and tested with a group of learners at the chosen university in Saudi Arabia. The findings reveal that the learners at the selected university find difficulty in speaking English, and that applying DST as a pedagogy help the students to develop their overall speaking skill. These findings assist EFL teachers in Saudi Arabia in creating a conducive atmosphere in and out their classes, which will motivate the learners a lot to speak English fluently. The conclusion of the research recommends that EFL teachers should modify their conventional methods of teaching English as a foreign language; they may apply the strategy of using DST on their students to test the competence of the hypothesis.
Keywords: digital storytelling, English as a foreign language, fluency and performance, grammar, language teaching strategies, pronunciation,s tress and intonation, vocabulary choice

Cite as:  Eissa, H. M. S. 2019). Pedagogic Effectiveness of Digital Storytelling in Improving Speaking Skills of Saudi EFL learners.
Arab World English Journal, 10 (1) 127-138.


Dr. Hayam Eissa is an Assistant Professor of Theoretical Linguistics at the Faculty of Arts and
Science –Northern Borders University – Rafha, Saudi Arabia. She holds PhD. in linguistics from
Benha University, Egypt. She has a teaching experience for more than six years. She teaches and
supervises research projects in BA English Studies. She currently teaches and supervises research
projects in Linguistics programs. Her research interests include Psycholinguistics, Cognitive
studies ,CDA and Political Speeches . ORCid ID: