Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume 10. Number 3 September 2019                                             Pp. 21-31

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Opportunities and Questions:
A Short Report on Rubric Assessments in Asia and the Middle East

Ronnie Goodwin
Gulf University for Science & Technology (GUST)



This qualitative short report considers the viability of the use of rubrics or alternative methods to assess writing in Asia and the Middle East. The background of learning theories, assessment types, and self-assessment literature provides a foundation for further discussion of the appropriate use of rubrics, including the prioritization of criterion, the quality of scoring, the impact of organizational features on scoring, the influence of bias, and the best application of rubric assessment. Relevant points for further study are identified, such as differentiation in research between generalized analytical rating systems and rubric assessment with specific, empirical criterion. The contradictory research regarding the advantages and disadvantages of rubric assessment in comparison with holistic assessment are of particular and crucial interest for global pedagogy. Many of the reviewed Western articles excluded Asian perspectives- except for China- and thus present a limited understanding of social and educational compatibility with new assessments and rubric assessments in particular. The discussion identifies patterns and points of contention and seeks to explore viewpoints rather than limit the scope of inquiry and consideration thus noting that relevant literature suggests that with appropriate teacher training, teachers may appropriately use rubrics as a formative assessment tool for writing in Asia and the Middle East.
Keywords: Asia, education, formative assessment, Middle East, professional development, rater, rubric, scoring, summative assessment

Cite as: Goodwin, R. (2019). Opportunities and Questions: A Short Report on Rubric Assessments in Asia and the Middle East. Arab World English Journal10 (3) 21-31.



Dr. Ronnie Goodwin is an Assistant Professor in the English Department at Gulf University for
Science & Technology (GUST). Dr. Ronnie specializes in teaching Business Writing, English
Composition, and Linguistics to college-level, high school, and adult learners.