Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume.8Number.2 June, 2017                                                    Pp.52-73

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Motivation and Language Learning Strategies Used by Moroccan University EFL Science Students: A Correlatioal Study 

Faculty of Education
Mohammed V University,Rabat, Morocco

Faculty of Education
Mohammed V University,Rabat,  Morocco

This study aims to investigate the overall use of language learning strategies (LLSs) and its relationship with English learning motivation by Moroccan non-English major students. The sample consists of 228 students enrolled in their second year at the Faculty of Sciences, Mohammed V University – Rabat – Morocco. To collect the data, the Strategy Inventory for Language Learning (SILL) developed by Oxford (1989) was adopted and adapted to the Moroccan EFL context. The motivation questionnaire was developed based on different sources including Gardner’s Attitude/Motivation Test Battery (AMTB) (2004); Pintrich et al.’s Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire (MSLQ) (1991); and Schmidt & Wattanabe (2001). The two questionnaires were tested for reliability and validity. Descriptive statistics and Pearson Correlation were selected to analyze the data. The results demonstrate that Moroccan university EFL Science students use LLSs at a medium level and exhibit a high level of motivation, and that their motivation to learn English and use of LLSs are strongly and positively correlated. This study yields a number of implications both for pedagogical purposes and for furth research
Key words: language learning strategies, Moroccan EFL context, motivation, Strategy Inventory for Language Learning

Cite as: EL AOURI, Z., & ZERHOUNI, B. (2017). Motivation and Language Learning Strategies Used by Moroccan University EFL Science Students: A Correlatioal Study. Arab World English Journal, 8 (2).


Zahra EL AOURI holds a doctorate in Applied Linguistics & TEFL from the Faculty of
Education, Mohammed V University-Rabat, Morocco. She is a part-time teacher at the faculty of
Sciences-Rabat teaching English to science-oriented students. Her main research interests remain
within the field of Applied Linguistics (second language acquisition and language learning) and
educational issues in general. She is also interested in research methodology and the application
of educational statistics.