Arab World English Journal (AWEJ)Special Issue: The Dynamics of EFL in Saudi Arabia, December 2019       p. 1 
Message from the Editors
I am delighted to introduce this special issue, “The Dynamics of EFL Learning and Teaching in the Saudi Arabian Context,” of fruitful collaboration with the Arab World English Journal (AWEJ ). This special issue focuses on teaching methodologies and the implications for ESL/EFL education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and explores language learning from both theoretical and empirical assessment perspectives. The EFL is a standing contributor to the Journal, and our research articles collected from FLT/ELC teachers and graduate students are featured in this inaugural special issue. The editorial board accepted eighteen research manuscripts. The articles focused on teaching methodologies and discussed their implications in EFL teaching, language learning, and assessment in Saudi Arabian academia.We are rapidly approaching the beginning of a new year with even higher professional aspirations and commitment to supporting the national education strategy. Improving learning outcomes is a crucial element of educational development, and an essential component of the goals outlined in Vision 2030. I would like to commend the Head of the Research Unit and all of the manuscript authors who made this publication possible. I am also grateful to the members of AWEJ’s editorial board and staff for their cooperation on this project for these many months. It is my sincere hope that this inaugural issue inspires and motivates faculty members to engage in ever more ambitious research endeavors with national and international researchers.
Dr. Abdullah Mofrah Almelhi
Dean: Faculty of Languages &Translation
King Khalid University , Abha, Saudi Arabia
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