Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Proceedings of 1st MEC TESOL Conference 2018                     Pp. 105-123

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Male and Female EFL Teachers’ Consciousness of Self-disclosure: A Case Study from Al Baha University, Saudia Arabia


 Ahmed F. Shoeib
  Foreign Languages Department,
Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Al Baha University, Saudi Arabia




Teacher self-disclosure (TSD) is a communication strategy that may positively affect students’ learning by encouraging them to participate effectively in English as Foreign Language (EFL) or English as a Second Language (ESL) classroom activities. In addition, it can be considered a Second Language (L2) teaching method that can increase learner’s engagement and language learning outcomes. Owning to its context-sensitive and culture-dependent nature, however, TSD topics, purposes, and considerations may vary cross-culturally. This study is an endeavor to investigate EFL University teachers’ consciousness of suitability and appropriateness of TSD as well as to find out differences and similarities between male and female EFL teachers’ conceptions of the relevance of TSD to successful L2 teaching. In order to achieve these objectives, the Appropriateness of Teacher Self-Disclosure Scale is administered to 60 EFL teachers (30 females and 30 males) from the Foreign Languages Departments at the Faculties of Arts and Humanities of Al Baha University, KSA. Results of the current study refer to the extent to which EFL teachers consider TSD topics, purposes, and considerations to be proper or improper. Moreover, the study finds out concurrence and indifference between male and female teachers’ conceptions in topics of TSD, the purposes TSD achieves in classroom settings, and considerations the teachers consider when practicing TSD. The results of the study recommend that EFL teachers can use TSD as a teaching and career development tool to improve learning despite the fact that they should be alert of its influences in some features as TSD is culture and context oriented.
Keywords: EFL, teacher consciousness, teacher self-disclosure

Cite as: Shoeib, A. F. (2018). Male and Female EFL Teachers’ Consciousness of Self-disclosure: A Case Study from Al Baha University, Saudia Arabia. Arab World English Journal (AWEJ). Proceedings of 1st MEC TESOL Conference 2018