AWEJ Volume.5 Number.3, 2014                                                                      Pp.208 -221

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Alternative Causal Meanings of Some Arabic Particles and Prepositions with Reference to Selected Qur’anic Verses: A Semantic Analysis


Shifaa Muhammed Al-Azzawi
Ministry of Education Iraq / Salahuddin

Sawsan Kareem Al-Saaidi
College of Education / University of Al-Qadissiya / Iraq



This paper investigates the concept of causality as a linguistic phenomenon, usually defined in terms of the relation of two events, states or situations where one of them causes and /or represents a result, an effect or concession of the other. Causality can be expressed by using particles and prepositions. These particles and prepositions – separable and inseparable – have different or secondary meanings besides the major one. These meanings can be interpreted according to the context in which they occur. This paper attempts to scrutinize the primary meaning and the secondary meaning of causal meaning of some particles and prepositions. Specifically, the coexistence of many possible meanings for some particles and prepositions is examined in certain selected Qur’anic verses highlighting some semantic aspects that have an impact on identifying causal meaningThe paper concludes that Arabic particles and prepositions have a very important function and are useful in sustaining those aspects elements related to semantic aspects in the translation of the Quran through a discussion of the alternative and semantic variations of particles and prepositions.
Keywords:Alternation, Causal meaning, Particles, Prepositions, Semantics.