AWEJ Volume.3 Number.4, 2012                                                                                               pp. 179 – 194

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LMD New System in the Algerian University

Mostaganem University,
English Department, Faculty of Letters and Arts, Algeria

Sabri KOÇ
Girne American University,
Girne, North Cyprus, Via Mersin 10, Turkey

Sidi Bel-Abbes University,
Faculty of Letters and Arts, Algeria

Oran University,
Faculty of Letters and Arts, Algeria


The issues addressed in this work concern primarily the understanding of the licence/bachelor, master, doctorate (LMD) system as a new reform, which has been recently introduced to basic higher education in Algerian universities and its influence on teaching English as a foreign language. Through this paper, we look at to what extent the LMD system influences our understanding and learning. This will contribute to the improvement of the way of studying the process of learning and teaching English, the development of new curriculum, and the understanding of language in use pragmatically.

Keywords: LMD system; Teaching EFL, university education, higher education reform


Hanane Sarnou is a doctoral candidate and a university lecturer at the English department,
Abdelhamid Ibn Badis University, Mostaganem ( Algeria). She holds an MA in English. Her
research interests focus on English language teaching methodology, curriculum design, and use
of ICT in language teaching and learning. She has contributed to some international conferences
in Turkey and France.
Prof. Dr. Sabri Koç is a Professor of Linguistics and English Language Teaching at Girne
American University, Girne, North Cyprus. His interest areas include general linguistics, English
language teaching (ELT) methodology, ELT testing, curriculum design, materials development,
instructional technology, and online teaching and learning.
Dr.Samira Houcine is a researcher presently in charge of the Language Teaching Centre of
Djilali Liabes University (Algeria). She investigates language and education in multicultural and
plurilingual settings and gives special attention to educational policy for minority language
Prof. Dr. Farouk Bouhadiba conducts research on Didactics and EFL. He has veered towards
NLP and the Arabic language for the past ten years and he is member of different Jurys in
Algeria and abroad, especially in France and in the UK. He is also expert for EEC projects in
NLP (ANR, France) and evaluator for promotion for Universities in the Middle East. He
organizes yearly International Symposiums on Traductologie et TAL at Oran University and he
is the director of two Revues: RML and Cahiers de Linguistique et de Didactique published in