AWEJ Volume.5 Number.1, 2014                                                                    Pp.129 -136

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 Lifting Motivation Level of English Learners in Saudi Arabia

Ahmed Al shlowiy
University of New Mexico, USA

Teaching processes differ across place, and generation. Language teaching, in particular, has more differences as a result of different teaching contexts. Teaching English as a second language in a native English-speaking country is not the same as teaching English as a foreign language in a non-native English-speaking country. English teaching in Saudi Arabia encounters many difficulties. One of the huge issues that faced the teachers of English is the learners’ low motivation that depends on their psychological, social, and attitudinal states. Motivation is a result of the intersection of many factors such as personality, socialization, behavior, school context, and interaction. This paper aims at creating a supportive environment for both teachers and students to succeed in this context. It is twofold. The first part, which leads to the second, displays the importance of motivation in language learning and teaching. The second explains how to lift motivation levels between learners in Saudi Arabia by suggesting some steps to raise the motivation level in the Saudi context.
Keywords: Motivation, EFL, ESL, Context, English Saudi Arabia