Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume, 7 Number 1 March 2016                                       Pp.108  – 122

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 Learner-centered Instruction in English Education: Reality and Expectations 

 Al-maqtri Mahmoud Ahmad
English Department
College of Sciences and Arts, Annamas,
University of Bisha, KSA
(Previously a faculty member at Ibb, Yemen)
Po Box # 101
Asir, KSA


 This study aims to find out the extent to which classroom instruction in teaching English as a foreign language in the departments of English is learner-centered. The study combines between the elements of a case study, descriptive and self-reflective techniques. The subjects are the teachers and students of English in the college of Sciences and Arts, University of Bisha, Saudi Arabia. To collect the relevant data, the researcher used the tools of a questionnaire and unconstructed observations. The questionnaire is used to find out the extent to which teachers are aware of the concept of learner-centeredness, and the observations are used to note down  the behavior of the  teachers and students in the teaching/learning process. The observations are a kind of self-reflection notes resulted from my teaching experience in the English teaching field. The findings show that teachers surveyed are not aware of the concept, and when appear to be aware they give contradictory responses about the concept of learner-centeredness. The results from the self-reflection observations appear in the form of different constraints in the way of learner-centered instruction. These constrains are those related to students, teachers, system and family. The most important among these constraints are the ones related to students’ lack of motivation to learn. Awareness constrains on part of the different participants comes next. The paper concludes that different types of constraints stand in the way of implementing learner-centered instruction (LCI). Some recommendations and suggestions are offered for a better use of this approach.
Keywords: English, instruction, learner-centered, students 

Cite as: Ahmad, A. M.  (2017).  Learner-centered Instruction in English Education: Reality and Expectations.
Arab World English Journal, 8 (1).


Mahmoud Ahmad Thabet al-Maqtri is an Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics in the
Department of English, College of Sciences and Arts, University of Bisha, Kingdom of Saudi

Arabia. Previously He was a faculty member at Ibb University, Yemen. He headed English
Department till 2015 in both universities.