Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume.7 Number.2 June, 2016                                        Pp. 151 -162

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Language Learning Strategies for English Writing: What Can Be Learned from Syrian University Students 


Hazem Abo Helal
Centre for Applied Linguistics
The University of Warwick, United Kingdom




This mixed-methods study attempts to investigate the Syrian students learning strategies with respect to learning English writing. The study enquires into an under-researched, if researched at all, context; that is English-major students and non-English-major students at two universities in Syria. One significant aim for carrying out this research is to help learners at the tertiary level ponder over why a certain strategy can be appropriate, or in fact inappropriate, to use at a certain point of their learning. This is why the research in hand has not confined itself to the mere elicitation of strategies used, but went beyond that to evoke why the reported strategies have or have not worked for the learners. The study has succeeded in extracting 13 strategies which, although context-specific, can be applicable to other contexts. The findings of this study have been related to three main areas often discussed in the literature of language learning strategies, i.e. learner autonomy, effective language learner and teacher development.
Key words: language learning strategies, Syrian university students, writing strategies, mixed methods research

Cite as: Abo Helal, H. (2016). Language Learning Strategies for English Writing: What Can Be Learned from Syrian University Students.  Arab World English Journal,7 (2).


Hazem Abo Helal is a current PhD candidate at the University of Southampton, UK. His PhD
project focuses on teachers’ beliefs and practices with regard to academic English speaking at a
university in the UK. His research interests include language learning strategies, teacher
education, and teacher cognition.