Arab World English Journal (AWEJ).Vol.6 No.1.2015                                                                    Pp.280-297

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Kuwaiti Undergraduate Students’ Perceptions of ICT in Writing Classes

Inan Deniz Erguvan
English Department Gulf University for Science and Technology



This study sets out to explore students’ perceptions of a web-based instruction tool at a private higher education institute in Kuwait. The tool comprises a database of articles enriched with various reading and writing activities, and is the first attempt to integrate Internet Communication Technologies (ICT) in the university. Student perceptions were measured with qualitative and quantitative methods. In the qualitative strand of the study, 42 undergraduate students filled in a survey with short answers regarding their general attitudes towards web-based instruction, its advantages and disadvantages, and opinions about its contribution to their own learning. The quantitative strand used a questionnaire, which was completed online by 117 students. The data analyses reveal that students think the online program has contributed to the development of their English skills.  Most of the students think the online tool is a rich resource which provides them with the flexibility and independence to learn on their own. Perceived disadvantages include the workload, difficult questions, long articles and technical problems. Variables such as gender and years in the university are linked to some differences in perceptions, but students’ discipline and level of internet use were not linked to a significant difference in perceptions.
Keywords: academic writing, ICT (internet communication technologies), Kuwait, student perceptions, web-based learning

Cite as: Erguvan, I. D. (2015). Kuwaiti Undergraduate Students’ Perceptions of ICT in Writing Classes.
Arab World English Journal, 8 (1).


Dr Deniz Erguvan has been teaching academic writing skills in Gulf University for Science
Technology, Kuwait since 2010. Her research interests mainly lay within educational
administration. She has worked on topics such as the impact of privatisation of higher education
institutions, internationalization of universities, the use of ICT in the ELT classroom, and reading
habits of undergraduate students.