Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume 10. Number 2. June 2019                                            Pp.  431-442

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Iraqi EFL Teachers’ Assessment Literacy:  Perceptions and Practices 

Fryad Hama Najib Muhammad
Language and culture center, University of Sulaimani
Sulaimaniyah, Iraq 

ELT Department, Faculty of Education, Gaziantep University
::Gaziantep, Turkey




In current educational approaches, the purpose and functions of assessment have extended, and teachers are expected to have good knowledge of the principles of modern assessment. In line with this fact, the present study investigated the assessment literacy levels of Iraqi English language teachers through Classroom Assessment Literacy Inventory (CALI) based on the seven standards of teachers’ assessment competence for educational assessment of students developed by the American Federation of Teachers, National Council on Measurement in Education and National Education Association (1990). The data were collected from 101 teachers working at secondary and preparatory schools of Suleymaniyah and Arbil governorates in the North of Iraq. The findings revealed that Iraqi English language teachers responded less than 15 correct responses out of 35 questions. According to the findings, teachers got the lowest score from standard seven (recognizing unethical, illegal, and otherwise inappropriate assessment methods and uses of assessment information). The highest score was from standard four (using assessment results when making educational decisions). Although 77% of teachers reported to have been adequately trained for assessment, the results revealed that they had low level of assessment literacy. Revisions in teacher preparation programs and preparation of professional training courses for in-service teachers are recommended.
Keywordsassessment, assessment literacy, Iraqi EFL teachers, teachers’ assessment literacy

Cite as: Muhammad, F.H. N., &  BARDAKÇI, M. (2019) Iraqi EFL Teachers’ Assessment Literacy:  Perceptions and Practices.
Arab World English Journal10 (2) 420-430.


Fryad Hama Najib Muhammad
He graduated from University of Sulaimani, Iraq, school of languages, department of Eglish
language and literature. He received MA in ELT, Faculty of education, University of Gaziantep,
Turkey. He is a lecturer at the university of Sulaimani, Language and culture center. He is a
manager of IDEL Indtitute for developing English Language, Darbandikhan, Iraq.