AWEJ Volume.4 Number.3, 2013                                                                    Pp.150-161

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Involving Students in Individual and Group Presentation Assessment

 Sally Ali
Department of Linguistics, UAE University, Al-Ain
United Arab Emirates

This research describes individual & group presentation assessment, and compares teacher, self and peer assessment (TA), (SA) & (PA) to see student involvement. The project was carried out at UAE University (UAEU) and investigated three related research questions. The first research question looked at the differences in students’ individual article presentation grades and compared (TA), (SA) & (PA) and showed that the (SA) grade was higher than the (PA) & (TA) grades.  The second considered students’ individual article presentations & compared them to the individual within the group performance which showed that all individual within the group assessment grades were higher.  This indicated that students tended to be more critical of themselves and others they assessed like the teacher.   The final research question viewed only (TA) and found that students got higher grades when doing group presentations.  In order to explore these questions, the project considered two TSL 421 Continuing Professional Development Practicum classes (fall 2010 & fall 2011), with a total of 31 students giving individual article presentations & 30 students giving group presentations. The IBM SPSS statistics program was used to enter the data and carry out the analysis.  Specific assessment criteria were used and the (TA), (SA), (PA) assessment means were calculated, compared, and analyzed in a simplified way and results were noted and shared with the students.   The results of the project show the importance of involving students in the presentation assessment process and that students tend to get higher grades when working together in groups.  The purpose of this study was to involve students in self and peer assessment to establish life-long learners who are independent and are able to recognize and apply the assessment principles used by teachers.    Students’ assessment varied considerably.

Key Words: individual & group presentations- teacher assessment-student-self &- peer-assessment


Sally Youssef Mohamed Ali earned her Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics from Georgetown
University and has been teaching English since 1977. She has been a teacher, teacher trainer,
curriculum developer and presenter. Dr. Ali is presently an Assistant Professor in the Applied
Linguistics Department at UAE University