Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume 10. Number 3 September 2019                                           Pp. 352-363

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Involve Me, and I Learn: Preparing English Language Intensive Program Students to
the Demands of their Academic Programs

Ali Ayed Alshahrani (corresponding author)
Department of English,
University of Bisha, Bisha, Saudi Arabia

Rashid Mahmood Mohammad
Department of English,
University of Bisha, Bisha, Sau di Arabia



This study aims to identify Saudi English as a Foreign Language (EFL) students’ perspectives towards using the English language in their studies. The study explores students self-confident and its association with students’ actual performance in English course in their different academic programs. A multimodal methodology was used to fulfill the research purpose and answer the research questions. A 25-item survey questionnaire and final examination grades were used to collect data. Two hundred forty-one students agreed to participate in the study. They completed the questionnaire and agreed to release their final grades to be a part of the collected data. The data were coded and analyzed by SPSS software. The findings indicated a significant difference in students’ performance in English courses between participants’ academic programs on the one hand. Students’ self-confidence in their English language skills, on the other hand, was not significantly different between participants’ academic programs. Data analysis also revealed no correlational relationship between students’ self-confidence level and their language skills and their performance. The study raises more questions about other vital factors such as course instructors’ views of the materials, faculty members of the target department, family belief in the usefulness of the program, protentional employers. These views and beliefs shape the student’s preparation process and therefore, should be explored further.
Keywords: English language intensive program, English skills, language proficiency, performance, self-confidence

Cite as: Alshahrani, A. A., & Mohammad, R. M. (2019). Involve Me, and I Learn: Preparing English Language Intensive Program Students to the Demands of their Academic Programs. Arab World English Journal10 (3) 352-363.



Dr. Ali Ayed Alshahrani is an Associate Professor of Linguistics at the Department of English,
University of Bisha. He earned his Ph.D. from Newcastle University UK. Currently, he is serving
as the Vice Dean for Graduate Studies & Scientific Research and Director of the University
English Program. His academic interests include Academic Writing, E-learning, Syntactic Theory
and Metadiscourse.