AWEJ Special Issue on Translation No. (2) 2013                                                            pp.129-148

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Investigating the Syntactic Difficulties which Encounter Translation Students at Irbid National University in Jordan from Arabic into English 

Mohammd  Al shehab
Translation Department
Jadara University, Jordan




The current study is aimed at investigating a number of syntactic difficulties that the Jordanian English students encountered in translating sentences from Arabic into English at Irbid National University (INU). A validated test of 20  Arabic sentences was given to a random  sample of 20 students (2010-2011) to be translated into English. The difficulties were computed, analyzed, and categorized into syntactic problems (omission and addition, and grammar). The results revealed that the students committed 292 errors. The number of omission errors was 54, additions errors were 42, while the number of grammatical was 196 errors. In light of these results, a number of recommendations and suggestions had been set up.

Keywords– Syntactic Problems, Irbid National University (INU),  English Translation Students, Grammatical Errors.


Dr. Mohammad Alshehab is an Assistant Prof. at the Department of Translation at Jadara
University in Jordan. He holds a PhD and MA in Translation and Linguistics. His areas of
interest include translation theory, legal translation, military translation, online translation, and
code switching.