Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume 9. Number 4. December 2018                                   Pp.  232-241

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Investigating Teacher Written Corrective Feedback as a Formative Assessment Tool 

 Khalid SAID
  Ben M’Sik faculty of Arts and Humanities
Hassan II University, Morocco

 Abdelouahid El MOUZRATI
 ELT supervisor in Al Hoceima Directorate




The present study seeks to lay the foundations for a firmly-grounded understanding of Written Corrective Feedback (WCF) as a Formative Assessment (FA) tool through student writing. More specifically yet, it is concerned with examining the intricate correlation between Moroccan English Language Teachers’ (ELT) attitudes and practices with respect to the way they understand and apply FA by means of WCF on students’ written productions. To that end, the study seeks to investigate this issue in the light of the following guiding questions: What beliefs do Moroccan ELT teachers hold about FA and WCF? How do these teachers provide WCF to their students during the writing lesson? To address these questions, we have opted for a mixed method approach that includes questionnaires for 110 teachers, document analysis of 30 writing productions and a follow- up semi-structured interviews with teachers. Date has been interpreted through an Explanatory Sequential Design. Inspired by Lee‘s (2009) analytical model and Perumanathan (2014) study, major findings have been presented regarding mismatches. These findings have revealed strong mismatches between teachers espoused beliefs concerning WCF, as a formative assessment tool, and their actual classroom practices. Finally, the study sets some implications for teachers, supervisors underlining the implementation of WCF in classroom practices.
Key words:  Beliefs, formative assessment, feedback, mismatch, writing

Cite as:  SAID, K., & El MOUZRATI, A.  (2018). Investigating Teacher Written Corrective Feedback as a Formative Assessment Tool.
Arab World English Journal, 9 (4), 232-241.


Khalid SAID is an ELT Supervisor in Midelt Directorate, Morocco; he is also a Doctorate
student at Hassan II University, School of Humanities, Ben M’Sik, Morocco. His main research
areas are EFL textbook evaluation and Critical Discourse Analysis. He worked as an ELL
teacher in several high schools in Morocco.