Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume. 7  Number. 3 September, 2016                                  Pp. 177-187

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Investigating Students ‘Attitude towards E-Learning Model for Studying English in Delta

Abdelrahman E. AlAdl
Delta University for Science and Technology
Egypt- Gamasa, International Road



The purpose of this paper is to investigate students’ attitude towards an e-learning English model named Learn English Pathways ( LEP) . This course is assigned for freshmen students of Delta University, as a training material for accessing APTIS test. This research seeks answers for the following questions: 1. Does using e- learning software program influence students’ attitude towards learning English as a foreign language positively? 2- What are the advantages of e learning in improving English language skills among freshmen students? To achieve the goals of the paper, a questionnaire was distributed to the subjects of this study. Its items aimed at eliciting whether the students think that using e- learning models enriched their learning process and made it easier or it had no effect on them. The population of this study was 100 of freshmen students at Delta University, during the academic year 2015- 2016. The students filled out a questionnaire and completed a course evaluation at the end of the experiment. The t-test scores were statistically evaluated. The findings of this paper reveal that LEP influences the students’ overall attitude towards English learning language. The different activities that are provided by LEP have been described with an analysis of how they can be used to develop EFL students’ language proficiency and self education.
Key words: E-Learning, English classroom, Learn English Pathways, Student’ attitude

Cite as: AlAdl, A. E (2016) Investigating Students ‘Attitude towards E-Learning Model for Studying English in Delta University
Arab World English Journal, 7 (3).


Abdelrahman Elsayed is an English lecturer at Delta University for Science and Technology. He
holds PhD in TEFL Education and Curriculum from Cairo University in 2013.He has 10 years
experience in teaching English at all levels in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. His trend in research is
improving motivation and attitude of learning English among ESP- EFL students