Arab World English Journal( Novermber 2013)                                                                       Theses / Dissertation

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Name of researcher: Fatimah Abdullah Al-Yami

Title of the thesis/dissertation:  Investigating Imam University Students’ Reading Strategies Online

Subject/major: Applied Linguistics

University name, department name: Imam Mohammad Bin Saud University – English Language Department

Degree: M.A

Year of award: 2012

Advisor: Dr. Mohammad Al-Okda



The use of the computer and internet technology has changed every aspect of human life and the English as a Foreign Language (EFL) classroom is no exception. Reading a text on the web is different from reading text in printed form. The present study investigated the online reading strategies used by Imam University students. It also made an attempt to identify the factors which influence its use. Participants in this study were 110 students studying at the faculty of languages and translation. The Survey of Online Reading Strategies was created for use in this study.  The findings of study reveal that participants were moderate strategy users. Problem-solving strategies were used with the highest frequency followed by global reading strategies and support reading strategies. In addition, the findings obtained from the current study show that age and level of study, time spent online and years of using the computer do not have significant effect online reading strategies use. Internet use, however, has a low correlation with online reading strategies use. Furthermore, the use of internet for doing the college assignments and gender do not have an impact on global strategies and problem-solving strategies while they have an effect on the use of support strategies.

Keywords: Online Reading, Global Reading Strategies, Support Reading Strategies, Problem – Solving Reading Strategies, Online Reading Strategies.