Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume 10. Number 3 September 2019                                 Pp. 438- 447

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 Introducing the Target Language Culture to EFL Learners to Enhance
Sociocultural Competence

Lecturer at the department of English
Nizwa College of Technology, Oman

Department of Foreign Languages
Mohamed Kheider University of Biskra, Algeria



This research attempted to investigate the effect that teaching English language culture has on Algerian EFL (English as a Foreign Language) learners’ sociocultural competence. It also aimed at showing that having no exposure to English language culture alongside learning the English language itself will affect learners’ understanding and production of the language. In this light, the study attempts to answer the following questions: to what extent is the culture of the English language present in the lessons of English language that are introduced to secondary school students? What cultural background do secondary school students have about the English language? And if they do have any cultural background, what is the source of that background and whether culture teaching enhances EFL learners’ socio-cultural competence? We hypothesised that teaching culture to Algerian EFL learners will increase their sociocultural competence and improve their understanding of the language. This hypothesis was tested through conducting a quasi-experimental study with a group of eighteen students from Habba Abd El-Madjid Secondary School in El-Meghaier, El-Oued (Algeria) The final results revealed a remarkable improvement among the majority of students concerning their sociocultural competence and their perception and understanding of authentic English language. Therefore, it is recommended that the element of culture should be integrated into English language curricula of Algerian schools and that, if done, it will take students’ level one step further towards a better acquisition of English language.
Keywords:  Competence, Communicative Competence, Socio-Cultural, Target Culture    

Cite as:  KHOUNI, O., &  BOUDJELAL, A. (2019). Introducing the Target Language Culture to EFL Learners to Enhance Sociocultural Competence. Arab World English Journal10 (3) 438- 447.


Ouarda Khouni, holds P.h.D. in English language teaching. She has been teaching English for 13
years at University in Algeria and Oman. She Taught different English skills and research
methodology. She is a member of many international associations including IATEFL, ESOL, ITDI
and SRHE. She participated in over 15 conferences and published some articles in different areas
such as using technology, affective strategies and motivation which are her main research interests.