Arab World English Journal (September, 2018)                        Theses ID 210        Pp. 1-78

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Author: Eman Hamad Almutairi

Thesis Title: Incidental L2 Vocabulary Learning through Using Hypertext Glosses

Subject/major: Linguistics

Institution: College of Languages and Translation, Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, KSA

Degree: Master of Linguistics

Year of award:  2017

Supervisor: Prof. Ali AlRajhi

Keywords:  glosses, hypertext, incidental vocabulary learning, learner preferences, location of glosses



Current computer technologies can provide several resources for the English foreign language learners to improve lexical knowledge through glosses. As the learner is engaged in processing the text, s/he can easily access definitions of terms or get more information about the topic through hyperlinks. This study extends current knowledge by exploring the attitude of EFL learners when using hypertext glosses that can appear in different locations in the text (in margin, in a pop-up window, on bottom of screen, and at the end of the text). The effect of glosses on the incidental learning of vocabulary is also investigated. Data are collected from 41 English-majored university students in Saudi Arabia. The results indicated that hypertext glosses is one of the ways for L2 vocabulary learning. Among the 4 gloss formats, the marginal type is considered the most preferred type by participants. Findings of the research provided deep insights on the design for online reading. 

Cite as:   Almutairi, E. H. (2017). Incidental L2 Vocabulary Learning through Using Hypertext Glosses. College of Languages and Translation, Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, KSA (Master’s Thesis). Retrieved from Arab World English Journal ,ID Number: 210, September 2018, 1-78. DOI: