Arab World English Journal (AWEJ).Vol.6 No.1.March 2015                                                                Pp 100- 112

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Implementing A Computer Assisted Language Learning Training
Program for English Teachers

Badia Muntazar Hakim
English Language Institute (Women’s Main Campus)
King Abdulazi University – Jeddah – Saudi Arabia



The trend of acquiring English as a Foreign Language (EFL) through Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) has encouraged different educational institutions to develop strategic plans and directions for its onsite implementation and evaluation in order to promote the quality of instruction, enhance student achievement, and better inform and promote society. This paper focuses on the challenge of creating a CALL training program for English faculty members at a major university in Saudi Arabia. The goal of the program was to introduce CALL to English teachers and evaluate its effectiveness on their attitudes towards the integration of technology in their classes. A group of English teachers (n = 30) who were involved in teaching advanced level classes participated in a multiple-phase training program for seven weeks. The analysis of the data from a survey and a semi-structured interview revealed that the participating teachers developed positive beliefs towards the use of CALL in their classes. Although a majority of teachers believed that the skilled use and integration of CALL could lead to more effective language teaching, they reported that lack of appropriate technical, financial, and training supports could be the factors that inhibit the effective implementation of CALL in EFL classes. In the end, several implications of the findings for English language institutes, program administrators, and English teachers at Saudi universities were discussed.
Keywords: CALL, EFL, ELI, teacher training, Saudi Arabia

Cite as: Hakim, B. M. (2015). Implementing A Computer Assisted Language Learning Training
Program for English Teachers. Arab World English Journal, 8 (1).


Dr. Badia Muntazar Hakim is the Vice Dean of English Language Institute (Women’s Main
campus) King Abdulaziz University Jeddah – KSA. She has a PhD in Understanding Reactions
to ICT Adoption in Teaching English for Specific Purposes from University of London- United
Kingdom. She has been the core member of many committees in relation to the Higher
Education system of the university. Being an active researcher in ELT field, she is always
looking for the challenging professional development programs. She has been supervising the
academic and administrative affairs at ELI since 2007.