Arab World English Journal, August 2015               Bejaia University, International Conference Proceedings – 2015                                                                                                          Pp. 228-240

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ICTs Implementation in Teaching Linguistics and Students’ Test Achievement. Case of Biskra University



Mohamed Khider University of Biskra-Algeria

From our own experience in teaching the Linguistics course to 1st year classes of the English Branch (EB) at Mohamed Khider University of Biskra (MKUB), we have noticed the students’ poor achievement when tested in Linguistics. Such poor achievement urges us to rethink our methods in teaching such a demanding course as Linguistics. The present paper is about implementing ICTs in teaching Linguistics and its impact on EFL students’ test achievement. We hypothesize if we teach Linguistics using judiciously ICTs, the students’ test results will significantly improve. We have tested our hypothesis by teaching linguistics to a group of 25 students (1st year classes) in the language laboratory relying on the Data Show device. Our main objective is to discover the students’ attitudes towards learning linguistics in a new setting (Language Laboratory) using new teaching aid (Data Show). To collect data for this study, we have conducted a feedback interview with the 25 students who have undergone the experience of studying linguistics in the language laboratory via the Data Show. The results disclose that the implementation of ICTs used in teaching linguistics has shown its positive impact on the students’ test achievement.
Keywords: ICTs, EFL Students, Linguistics’ Teaching, Test Achievement.


My name is Salima RABEHI. I am 35 years old. I hold bachelor degree in English language and
MA in applied linguistics. I am enrolled in PhD and up to finish. I have been teaching English
for twelve years at English Branch of Mohamed Khider University-Biskra- (Algeria). Besides, I
have participated in many international and national conferences as ICEEPSY 2012 and ITMAR
2014, in addition to some other study-days organized at the level of our department.