Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume.7 Number.3, September , 2016                                    Pp. 336-355

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ICT Integration in Academic Writing: An Experiment in Blended Learning  

 Justin James
English Language Center
Nizwa College of Technology
Sultanate of Oman





The success of blending internet technology in language teaching depends on the content and role of the materials used and how they interact with students in their language learning process.  The present generation of students, who are called digital natives or net generation (, 2016) finds anything to do with the internet attractive. The present paper proves that such interests of students can be fruitfully tapped for a variety  of  language  learning  purposes. It also proves that   the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) tools in English as a foreign language (EFL) teaching ensures higher degree of learner motivation and participation.  This experimental study was conducted with a class of 26 Omani post-foundation Engineering & IT specialization students at English Language Center, Nizwa College of Technology for a period of one semester of their Higher Diploma Course with the basic premise that blending technology in language teaching will be beneficial both for teachers and students. In the first part of the paper the theory and practice of blended learning are discussed. The subsequent parts explore how ICT tools like Quizlet Quiz, WebQuest and Blog can be blended in teaching academic writing.  The paper also discusses in detail the perceived teacher and learner experiences. It proves that by using internet technology, teachers can avoid monotony in teaching and promote collaborative learning. On the strengths of its findings, the author recommends selective blending of technology in EFL teaching to enhance student’s performance in interesting, stimulating and productive ways.
Key Words:  Academic Writing, Blended Learning, ICT in English, Teaching English with Technology, Technical Communication.

Cite as: James. J(2016) ICT Integration in Academic Writing: An Experiment in Blended Learning.
Arab World English Journal, 7 (3).


Justin James is the E-Learning Coordinator at English Language Center, Nizwa College of
Technology. He trains teachers at the center in teaching English using technology. He
specializes in teaching English language skills through Information Communication Technology