Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume.7 Number.3, September, 2016                                                    Pp.31 -50

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Hindrances Encountering Undergraduate Jordanian Translation Students in Translating
Islamic Terms

Haytham Hamad Althawbih
School of Basic Sciences and Humanities
German Jordanian University
Amman, Jordan 

  Reem Ibrahim Rabadi
School of Applied Humanities and Languages
German Jordanian University
Amman, Jordan


This study pinpoints the problems that undergraduate Jordanian Translation students encounter when they translate Islamic terms from Arabic into English. Furthermore, it reveals their ability to find the terms in the Target Language (TL) or coming up with adequate equivalents and detects the strategy they adopt either domestication or foreignization. The study attempts to answer these questions: 1. Are there any effects on the results of undergraduate Translation students in finding sufficient equivalents of Islamic terms in English before and after defining the nature of Islamic terminology? 2. Are there any differences in the performance of undergraduate Translation students due to the nature of Islamic terminology? What are the effects of teaching undergraduate translation students the difference between domestication strategy and foreignization strategy on their results of translating Islamic terms? To achieve the purpose of the study, an achievement test was designed and 80 students divided into two groups: an experimental group studied in accordance with the training program prepared by the researchers, and a control group studied, in accordance with the usual way, took the test. The (t-test) results showed statistically significant differences at the level (α≤0.05) between the two groups. It was found that the phenomenon of negative performance of Translation students existed in the control group when they translated Islamic terms with new implications extended by the Qur’an and Sunnah, while the students’ awareness of foreignization strategy contributed to the enhancement of their performance as the correct answers of the experimental group increased from 126 to 525 answers.
Keywords: Domestication, foreignization, Islamic term, semantics, translation students, test

Cite as: Althawbih, H. H.,,& Rabadi R. I. (2016). Hindrances Encountering Undergraduate Jordanian Translation Students in Translating Islamic Terms. Arab World English Journal, 7(3).


Dr Haytham Althawbih (Assistant Professor) has a PhD in Arabic Linguistics from Mu’tah
University with a focus on Arabic lexical studies, semantics and syntax. He is an Assistant
Professor at the School of Basic Sciences and Humanities at the German Jordanian University.
He has a very good teaching experience in Arabic syntax, morphology, semantics and