Arab World English Journal
AWEJ Volume 2, Number 1                                                                                                           pp.3-17

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Harnessing the Use of Visual Learning Aids in the English Language Classroom

Romana Dolati
Prof. Dr. Cameron Richards
University Technology Malaysia

There has been increasing interest in the use of visual learning aids in education. Such interest is in part due to the role of dual coding theory to make educators aware of the important role of visual as well as verbal tools and technologies – especially with a younger generation of learners familiar with the visual interface of multimedia and internet technologies. Because of the directly verbal nature of language teaching and learning, many language teachers are either often not aware of or underestimate the potentially constructive role visual learning aids can play in enhancing the language learning classroom. This paper will investigate the ways in which visual learning aids might be used by teachers of English as second or foreign language to enhance the learning of their students. It will report on the findings and insights achieved in a postgraduate research project which explored the proposal that visual learning aids can significantly enhance the English language classroom.

Keywords: Visual learning aids, dual coding theory, language education