AWEJ Volume.5 Number.4, 2014                                                            Pp. 172- 186

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Global English and World Culture:  A Case Study of the Subjective Worlds of English
Teachers in Taiwan


 Kun-huei Wu
Aletheia University, Taiwan

I-Chung Ke
Yuan-Ze University, Taiwan

Most discussions of global English and world culture are at a macro-theoretical level since there are few attempts to examine these concepts in a daily context. This study aims to present  different perspectives  on world culture and global English from two native and two non-native English teachers in Taiwan. A qualitative methodology ‘Portraiture’ was used to explore their conceptions of English and English teaching.  The findings show that the NS teachers shared more world culture and global English ideas than the local teachers did. The teachers’ learning experiences are believed to contribute to the finding. The contrast between the two groups of teachers with different cultural and linguistic backgrounds suggest that the value of empowerment in world culture and the advocacy of ownership in global English complement each other as western constructions, but the world may not yet be ready to embrace global English and world culture.
Keywords:  English as an International Language, Global English, Teacher’s Belief, World Culture


Kun-huei Wu is currently an Assistant Professor in English Department, Aletheia University,
Taiwan. His areas of interest include English Language teaching, Language learning strategy,
communication, cross-culture studies.