Arab World English Journal (October 2016)                                                            Theses / Dissertation (ID 167)

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Author: Wafa Alsatrawi
Thesis Title:  Gender representation in Bahraini English textbooks: a critical discourse analysis
Subject/major:  Sociolinguistics , critical discourse analysis
Institution: York St John University, School of Business, Department of Language and Linguistics
Degree: MA
Year of award: 2016
Supervisor: Dr. Helen Sauntson
Keywords: critical discourse analysis, English language textbooks, gender socialization



As a result of the second wave of feminism that aimed to eliminate gender inequity against women in general, and in education in specific, many studies were carried on in the area of gender and language in education since the 1960s (Scourfield, 2010). In particular, many studies were conducted on textbooks, because they are the “mirror” of education (Saleem and Zubair, 2013). Examination of gender and language in textbooks in different contexts reveal a negative attitude in terms of men overrepresentation and firstness, and gender-stereotypical roles. Unfortunately, no previous studies in this field were conducted in the Bahraini context. Thus, this study that aims to study a Bahraini English series of textbooks (Backpack), and examine the reciprocal effect of this series and society on each other, has been conducted, because through these textbooks, students have their primary experience with English language.Fairclough’s (2015) three-stage model for critical discourse analysis has been adapted. These stages quantitatively describe the representation, then interpret this description, and finally explain it based on the Bahraini context. Results of this study reveal that, in general, these textbooks work for more gender equity. However, men firstness and some gender-stereotypical roles still persist across the series. Through comparison between these results and the Bahraini society, it is concluded that, despite the institutional regulations, the Bahraini society has a strong influence on the representation of gender in these textbooks.

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Alsatrawi, Wafa . (2016). Gender representation in Bahraini English textbooks: a critical discourse analysis. York St John University, School of Business, Department of Language and    Linguistics (Master’s Thesis).Retrieved from (Arab World English Journal Database. (ID Number: 167, December 2016).