Arab World English JournalAWEJ Vol.3 No.2 June 2012                                                                                                                  pp. 3PDFLetter from the editorGreetings,On behalf of the editorial board of Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) I am proud and pleased to announce the release of the June issue 2012. There has been growing international recognition of AWEJ. We have received a number of invitations of cooperation and participation in international academic conferences, colloquiums, and seminars. Furthermore, we have received a large number of manuscript submissions (72 papers) for this issue which gave us more freedom to choose. On another note, AWEJ’s announcement of the publication of selected theses and dissertations has received significant attention and feedback from our readers. One key suggestion has been that we extend the criteria of submission and we will be looking at options for achieving the AWEJ’s objectives.
We wish you happy reading and hope you will find the journal both relevant and interesting!Kind regards,Prof. Dr. Khairi Obaid Al-Zubaidi
Editor: Arab World English Journal (AWEJ)
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