Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Special Issue on the English Language in Iraqi Context, January 2020   p.1






Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) is pleased to release the special issue on the overarching theme “Trends and Applications of English Language Studies in Iraqi Context.”  This issue is basically intended, though not fully concerned, to strengthen and support research in the field of English teaching and learning in the Iraqi context.

It is quite evident that educators have recently been working on teaching and learning English as a foreign language for quite a long time. Emphasis in the 21st century is shifted towards language systems and curricula that incorporate technology and at the same time work towards that type of education where classroom practices, on the one hand, and language proficiency, on the other hand, are dealt with to reach the necessity of mastering English as an international.

It is our pleasure to inform you that we have received interesting and high-quality research articles related to English language teaching and learning in relation to language skills, digital learners, vocabulary learning strategies, social media, testing, language production and comprehension, and cognition and assessment, for this special issue. Yet, some of the research articles go with language studies such as pragmatics strategies, irony, and politeness, in relation to written and spoken discourse. I am fully sure that these articles will provide some values to knowledge based on the research findings related to the different areas of English language studies.

Finally, I would like to extend my appreciation and gratitude to AWEJ for publishing this issue and to the authors of the published research articles for their great efforts and contributions that are intended to leave some great fingerprints in the field of English language teaching and learning, in particular, and language studies, in general.


Asst. Prof. Nawal Fadhil Abbas, Ph.D.
College of Education for Women,
University of Baghdad, Iraq
She got her Ph.D. in English Language and Linguistics from USM,

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