Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Special Issue on the English Language in Ukrainian Context,  November  2020      P.3



This special issue results from an extended cooperative initiative involving the Ukrainian universities and the Arab World English Journal (AWEJ). The edition’s overall theme, “Trends and Applications of English Language Studies in Ukraine Context,” serves to collate a significant collection of research papers to produce one of the most critical and authoritative investigations into the state of English language education in Ukraine.

This collection includes topics ranging from experimental researches of teaching and learning language for specific purposes, professional English communicative competence, and interdisciplinary aspects of English language education to the role of a variety of current technologies in the classroom, assessment instrument impact and effectiveness, content and course design, the use of the mother tongue as a classroom mediation tool to support of pedagogical practices.

The volume contains linguistic research papers on ethnocultural specificity, the structural, semantic, and functional peculiarities of terminological units, the poly code character of English learners’ dictionaries, neurolinguistic programming technologies in foreign language teaching. These investigations are intended to serve an international audience of scholars interested in better understanding English language teaching and learning in Ukraine.

Presented in this issue, the trends of English language studies in the Ukraine context can aid in the application of the increasingly effective and responsive practice of English language education both regionally and globally, serving to inspire further research in this field. They suggest practical techniques to help scholars apply meaningful strategies and guide their students through effective learning by making them active participants in constructing knowledge and educational experience.

Dr. Anzhelika Solodka

Professor of Department of German Philology and Translation,

Faculty of Foreign Languages, V.O. Sukhomlynsky National University of Mykolaiv, Ukraine.

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