AWEJ Volume.5 Number.4, 2014                                                              Pp.203-225

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 Fair, Reliable, Valid: Developing a Grammar Test Utilizing the Four Building Blocks


Voke Efeotor
Testing Unit
Taibah University, Madinah, Saudi Arabia

The purpose of this study is to develop and analyse a grammar test, focusing on validity, reliability and fairness. Effective test development requires a systematic, well-organized approach, thus ensuring the veracity of the proposed inferences from the test scores, (Downing, 2006a). This systematic approach is outlined in the paper, expounding on how the test developed from the initial stage of identifying the construct to be measured, to the final stages of administering the test. This is followed by a detailed analysis of the test results which highlights possible threats to the test’s validity, reliability and fairness. It also places the construct map under scrutiny, and questions whether the construct was successfully tested. The test was developed utilizing the four building blocks propounded by Wilson (2005). Each building block is explained in detail which gives insight into the process undertaken to write and analyse the test.
Keywords: validity, reliability, fairness, testing grammar, construct map, building blocks


Voke Efeotor is a language instructor and test item writer from the United Kingdom. He has
been working in Saudi Arabia for eight years, and is presently working at Taibah University in
Madinah, Saudi Arabia. At Taibah University he is part of the Testing Unit which is responsible
for producing exams for the preparatory year English language program. He is a doctorate