AWEJ Volume.5 Number.1, 2014                                 Pp. 247-259

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Factors Influencing Jordanian EFL Students’ Choice of a University

Turki Ahmad A. Diab Bani-Khaled
Department of Linguistics
Faculty of Foreign Languages
University of Jordan

This study aimed at identifying the reasons behind choosing a university by Jordanian undergraduate EFL students. A random sample of (425) male and female students were invited to answer a web-survey question: “What are your reasons for choosing the university in which you are learning English now?” The participating students were all Jordanian first and second year level enrolled in undergraduate English Language and Literature programs during the academic year 2012-2013 in five major state universities in the country. The written responses were analyzed thematically and the major reasons for selecting a university for learning English were identified and ranked in order of importance. The results showed that choosing a university inJordan for learning English is influenced by (12) factors. The basic factors that received most importance were reputation of the institution; cultural and social considerations; family role; location of institution; learning opportunities; academic staff; employability and future plans. Other marginal factors were found to be campus beauty, size and safety; availability of specialization; experience of other students; personal interest in the language; and type of institution.
Keywords: factors; English; university;Jordan; students; higher education; EFL


Dr Turki Bani-Khaled is an Associate Professor of Applied English Linguistics at the University
of Jordan. He holds a BA in English Language and Literature from Jordan University and MSc
in ESP from Aston University, UK. He also holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics from Exeter