Arab World English Journal
Volume. 1 Number. 1 Oct. 2010                                                                  PP.130-170

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Exploring the Perspectives and Potential of
Incorporating Glogster in the University EFL Curriculum

David Bradley Kent
Graduate School of TESOL-MALL
Woosong University
Daejeon, South Korea.



This study is one of the first to examine EFL student multimedia-based online poster project completion using the Glogster application in South Korea. Data was collected through media artifact analysis, language use production, and interview. Analysis sees interesting results emerge for international versus local students, particularly regarding the positive or negative impact of group dynamics. Also, students clearly recognize the importance of pedagogy when using multimedia but still seek escapism from classroom anxiety through its use, and although learners desire to work collaboratively their pre-existing schema shapes expectations of multimedia. Importantly, learners responded well to Glogster, viewing it favorably, as almost all felt they could practice and develop English skills using the application. Ultimately, students were keen to create content that was not only interactive but based on the common interest of group members, with English language use viewed as an essential component of this process. The research also highlights potential methods for applying Glogster created poster projects and associated presentations diagnostically, while drawing attention to the rewards provided when analyzing learner output produced when creating and constructing projects with the application.

Keywords: CALL, digital posters, EFL, Glogster