Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Special Issue on CALL Number 4. July 2018                                Pp.125-131

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Experienced and Novice Teachers’ Awareness and Attitudes towards ICT in Language
Classroom: A study conducted in a Thai context


Rusma Kalra
Department of Business English,
Theodore Maria School of Arts,  Assumption University, Thailand



This paper aims to investigate the English as foreign language (EFL) as teachers’ attitudes towards the use of information and communication technology (ICT) in Thai setting. The participants of this study were six English teachers from an international university in Thailand which were further classified into two groups of  “novice” and “ experienced” teachers. Data were collected via interview methods with 6 teachers at an international university in Thailand. Findings show novice teachers have a positive attitude towards the use of ICT in their language classroom as compared to their experienced peers. The novice teacher makes use of more ICT-related materials and activities when compared to their more experienced counterpart. Nevertheless, many language instructors mentioned certain challenges in using ICT . Besides, teachers’ acceptance or rejection of ICTs has pedagogical implications. It is agreed upon that ICTs make the learning process more enjoyable since students becomes more involved to learn through wide range of topics, materials and tools.
Keywords: ICT, Teachers’ Awareness, ELT 

Cite as: Kalra, R.  (2018). Minding the Gap in Vocabulary Knowledge: Incidental Focus on Collocation through Reading. Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Special Issue on CALL (4)

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Dr. Rusma Kalra is a full-time lecturer in the Department of Business English, Faculty of Arts,
Assumption University, Thailand. With over 9 years of teaching experience at tertiary level, she
has covered a wide range of areas in her teaching including English for specific purposes and
business communication writing. Her research includes classroom-based research and English
for specific purposes. Orcid no. 0000-0003-3639-3614