Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume 8 Number 2 June, 2017                                          Pp.323 -332

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Examining the Relationship between E-Learning Styles and Achievement in
English among Moroccan University Students

Azize  EL Ghouati
Department of English Studies, School of Arts and Humanities
Ibn Tofail University of Kenitra, Morocco




The aim of the study is fourfold: to examine the nature of relationship between visual learning syle (VLS), auditory learning style (ALS), kinesthetic learning style (KLS), and read/write learning style (R/WLS) and students’ English achievement (EA) in technology-based learning environment among Moroccan university students. The present study adopts a quantitative research design. Therefore, the main instruments are questionnaires, and English achievement tests. Both the questionnaires and language tests are analyzed and interpreted quantitatively. The reliability of the questionnaire sections and scales as well as tests constructs matches the criterion for acceptable internal consistencies (α=70). The statistical tools used in order to help analyze and interpret data include descriptive and inferential statistics which make use of frequencies, percentage, and Correlation tests. Following what has been hypothesized; the test results do not support the four research hypotheses claiming there is no statistically significant relationship between the VLS, ALS, KLS, and R/WLS and students’ level of EA. The findings of the present study highlight some implications to improve students’ achievement in English with the help of e-learning style preference.
Keywords: computer-based learning, educational technology, English achievement, learning styles, sensory modality, VARK strategies

Cite as: EL Ghouati, A. (2017 Examining the Relationship between E-Learning Styles and Achievement in English among Moroccan University Students. Arab World English Journal, 8 (2).


EL GHOUATI Azize is a teacher of English. He is also a Ph.D candidate in the Centre of
Doctoral Studies, Ibn Tofail university of Kenitra. El Ghouati graduated from the School of Arts
and Humanities with a BA in Linguistics, and MA in Language Acquisition and Research. His
main research interests are in the areas of language learning, learning styles, and ICT.