Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Vol.6. No.2 June 2015                                               Pp. 372 –384

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 Evaluating Blue Skies 6 with Reference to Yemeni Students 

Ibrahim Jibreel
Department of English, Translation Program
University of Science & Technology(UST)
Hodeidah Branch, Yemen



Evaluating a coursebook is an important task that should be carried out from time to time. The current study is a predictive evaluation ofBlue Skies 6aimed to decide whether itis suitable for Yemeni students in the primary grades or not. The researcher a adopted a checklist to conduct the evaluation of the textbook in hand. The checklist isbased on Cunningsworth (1995), Nunan (1991), Sheldon (1988), Williams (1983) and Harmer (2001). The researcher concluded that Blue Skies 6 being taught at AL-Nawras Private Schools, Adensuits our Yemeni students at this level. It provides an adequate language content in a suitable methodology. The balance of the basic skills in the units and the diversity of tasks and activities increase the value of this book. In addition, the variety of topics presented which; to great extent, is appropriate for our Yemeni situation in and out of the classroom, adds another advantage to the previous ones. Furthermore, the cultural aspects which are presented in the textbook in hand do not contradict our Islamic, Arabic, or Yemeni culture. However, this suitability does not mean that there is no need for adapting some points in this coursebook. Therefore, it is recommended to add more authentic materials to Blue Skies 6 during classroom teaching/learning, which should be selectedwith regard to the level, age and cultural background of the Yemeni learners.
Key words: Blue Skies 6,  course book, evaluation; predictive; retrospective, textbook

Cite as: Jibreel,  I. (2015). Evaluating Blue Skies 6 with Reference to Yemeni Students. Arab World English Journal, 8 (1).