Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume.8 Number.1 March, 2017                   Pp. 298-308

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Environmental Messages as Found in Indonesian Folklore and Its Relation to Foreign Language Classroom

 Sony Sukmawan
Indonesian and Culture Education
Faculty of Cultural Studies, Brawijaya University
Malang, Indonesia

 Lestari Setyowati
English Education Study Program
STKIP PGRI Pasuruan, Indonesia



Folklore is rich of values derived from local wisdom and local cultures. Certain folklores deliver narrative to respect and protect nature, either presented literally or symbolically. This study is aimed at identifying and describing Indonesian folklores which contain environmental messages, and investigating the English teachers ‘ perception of Secondary Schools about the use of Indonesian folklores for their teaching language skills. The study uses qualitative approach focused on content analysis by using mainly documentation instrument. To deepen the analysis, the interview was used to find out whether these folklores are applicable and appropriate for foreign language classes. The result shows that there are 17 Indonesian folklores that present environmental messages either implicitly or explicitly. The messages found in the folklores are firstly, catastrophe happens because of human’s greed and misconducts to nature, and secondly it is human himself who can prevent the disaster to happen. Used in foreign language classes, folklore can help the teacher to train the students ‘ language and communication skills in reading, speaking and writing, at the same time it helps them to build awareness to the protection for the environment, enrich the cultural literacy, cultivate respectful behavior, and train their critical thinking ability.
Keywords:  EFL Teachers’ perceptions,  Environmental messages, Foreign language  teaching, Indonesian folklore

 Cite as: Sukmawan, S., Lestari, S.  (2017). Environmental Messages as Found in Indonesian Folklore and Its Relation to Foreign Language Classroom.
Arab World English Journal, 8 (1).


Sony Sukmawan is a faculty member of Faculty of Cultural Studies in Brawijaya University
of Malang. He has been teaching in the institution for about 11 years until present. He earned
his Undergraduate degree, Master degree, and Doctoral degree in Indonesian and Literature
Education from State University of Malang and had joined the English Intensive Course in the
University of Adelaide for three months. His subject interests are literature, literature and
language teaching methodology, and research in education.