Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume 9. Number 2. June 2018                     Pp. 127- 142

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English Language Syllabuses: Definition, Types, Design, and Selection 

   Sabah Salman Sabbah
     Community College of Qatar
Doha, State of Qatar



This article aims at probing the different types of syllabi used to teach English to English native and non-native speakers. The researcher used a chronological approach in describing each syllabus type in accordance to its emergence in epistemology of the syllabus design and pedagogical trends in teaching English in the world. Theories of language and learning, characteristics of each syllabus, and pros and cons of the discussed syllabi were highlighted throughout the article. Emphasis was also given to shed light on the interrelationship between syllabi types and pedagogical approaches and techniques. The process of syllabi design was also discussed with examples. The researcher endeavored to cite texts from proponents of authors and scholars who discussed each syllabus. The strategy used in presenting the information in this article was to list main titles and write explanatories to describe the syllabus. Primary and secondary resources were referred to for more ideas. Thus, some resources dated back to the 1985-2017. This was done on purpose to highlight authentic resources of the pioneer linguists and scholars of each type of syllabi.
Keywords: situational, functional, notional, communicative, content, task-based syllabi, syllabi design 

Cite as:  Sabbah, S. S. (2018). English Language Syllabuses: Definition, Types, Design, and Selection. Arab World English Journal, 9 (2).


Dr. Sabbah, Sabah holds Ph.D. in English Language Curriculum and Instruction. She published
papers in international journals. She published two books in Jordan and She
presented papers in Los Angeles, Dubai, Qatar, Oman, Las Vegas, and Lisbon. She got two
Awards of Excellence as a plenary speaker and the best research presenter at GRDS International
Conference held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, May 2018.