Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Special Issue on CALL Number 5. July 2019                  Pp.307- 318

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EFL Teachers as Designers of Ubiquitous Learning Experiences


Nadjat Khenioui
  Department of English
Constantine University I, Constantine, Algeria



Ubiquitous learning, also known as U-learning, refers to the learner’s ability to learn at any place at any time. This paper argues that U-learning represents a new perspective in terms of pedagogy. The main contributor to this process is foremost the teacher, who has to adhere to the ever-changing language learning/teaching scenery. This study aims at setting the fundamentals of materials development at the intersection of two major areas of contemporary education, namely the needs of the ‘net generation’ students and the educational potential of the evolving social web and digital technology. It seeks to answer the following questions: What is digital technology and how does it lead to U-learning? What is web 2.0 and how does it affect classroom pedagogy, practice, and the design of quality teaching/learning materials? How does it help teachers improve their practice and materials development procedures? And how can teachers transform today’s innovative technology into ubiquitous learning experiences, promoting learner autonomy, regardless of any geographical or institutional boundaries? We will illustrate the whole procedure with a framework for web 2.0 integration that identifies the crucial features underpinning the extramural, ubiquitous learning experiences, in which learners can engage.
Keywords:  experiential tasks, materials development, ubiquitous knowledge building, ubiquitous learning, web 2.0 

Cite as: Khenioui, N. (2019). EFL Teachers as Designers of Ubiquitous Learning Experiences. Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Special Issue on CALL (5). 307- 318.



Mrs. Nadjat KHENIOUI (Magister, 2012) is a full time assistant lecturer at Algiers University
3 and Ph.D. candidate in Applied Linguistics and Language Teaching at Constantine
University 1. Her research interests include Didactics, CALL, materials design and evaluation,
ESP and EST.