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Author: Ebtesam Thabet Alqahtani
Thesis Title:  Effectiveness of Using YouTube on Enhancing EFL Students’  Listening Comprehension Skills
Subject/major: Applied linguistics
Institution: Al-Imam Muhammad Ibin Saud Islamic University
Degree: Master degree
Year of award: 2015
Supervisor: Omar Na’eem Bani Abdelrahman
Keywords:, authentic setting, EFL, listening comprehension skills, YouTube



This study examined the effect of YouTube videos as a teaching tool to enhance Saudi EFL students on their listening comprehension skills. The subjects were 26 students from the third secondary grade at Al Arqam Saudi Private School for females located in the city of Riyadh. The sample of the study was randomly selected and divided into two groups by the researcher; the experimental group consisted of 14 students and the control group consisted of 12 students and they participated in an eight week experiment during the first semester of the academic year 2014/2015. A pre-test was given to both groups at the beginning of the study to make sure that they were equivalent. Afterwards, the experimental group was instructed using YouTube videos while the control group was instructed using the traditional audio-method. At the end of the experiment both groups were posttested on their listening comprehension performance and the results were calculated using a t-test. YouTube listening/viewing activity presented statistically significant effect on the part of the experimental group subjects’ listening comprehension skills. The differences found in the listening comprehension scores of the pre- and post-tests between the two groups, provided evidence of the significant effect of YouTube on the performance of the experimental group. These positive results implied that the use of YouTube videos provided an authentic native speaker setting that is beneficial to EFL learners. It is also regarded as a motivating factor that encouraged EFL students to develop their listening comprehension skills and gained a deeper understanding of the foreign language.

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Alqahtani, Ebtesam Thabet . (2015). Effectiveness of Using YouTube on Enhancing EFL Students’  Listening Comprehension Skills ,Al-Imam Muhammad Ibin Saud Islamic University (Master’s Thesis).
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