Arab World English Journal(February 2013)                                                 Theses / Dissertation

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Name of researcher: Hind Hamad Al-Jamal
Title of the thesis/dissertation: Effect of a Reflective E-portfolio Design Workshop on Saudi EFL Teachers’ Reflection Awareness: An Exploratory Case Study
Subject/major: Linguistics
Degree: Master of Arts
University name, department name: Al-Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, College of Languages and Translation, Department of English Language and Literature
Year of award: 2012


Reflection is an essential type of thought that enables teachers to deliberate on their experiences assisted by various types of reflection-enhancing tasks created in reflective teaching e-portfolios. The present study aimed at investigating Saudi EFL teachers’ reflection awareness as a thought process and designing reflective e-portfolios, and the effect of a blended professional development workshop on their reflection awareness. This study met the research aims by investigating a case study on five Saudi EFL in-service teachers using semi-structured interviews before and after the workshop. This research produced a number of key findings: Saudi EFL teachers’ perception of reflection was mainly the teacher’s need to change her practice and consider alternative routes in and on action. Subsequent to the workshop, they regarded reflection as an important path to assess their own practice and development, professionally aided by the teachers’ e-portfolio as an influential tool. They also became more aware of the need to consider the consequences of their teaching practices and to work together as a community of practice. There were several implications: to create a community of practice, establish professional development programs on reflection awareness and embrace reflective teaching e-portfolios.

Keywords: Reflection; Reflection awareness; Reflective teaching e-portf