Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume.7 Number.1 March, 2016                                       Pp…3 – 4




Dear Colleagues,

We are working hard to promote the goals of our Arab Word English Journal (AWEJ). As you might know, it is as a pioneer and leading academic journal of its kind in the region serving our community members – colleagues in schools, universities, educational institutions, and research centres.  One of our goals is to empower our community by increasing the visibility of your work on the international level.  We are therefore happy to let you know that AWEJ has received significant the recognition by being included in the Emerging Sources Citation Index of a top academic indexing organization – Thomson Reuters.
We would like to further update you about the following:
(1) We have uploaded most of AWEJ’s papers on our partners’ databases to expand the visibility and increase the citations of your papers. This includes:
Google Scholar
and many more
If you are interested to do so, then you may create your profile in these scholarly databases and follow us. This will assist in providing support for your developing academic career, will attract more readers, will potentially increase citations, and will also help enhance the reputation and networking of your professional network.
(2)  The Arab Society of English Language Studies (ASELS) has been established to promote, strengthen and foster cooperation and understanding among English language scholars. It will also assist with the availability of information, profiling of expertise and exchange of materials among ASELS members. In particular the related website will include information about events and conferences, about other members of the wider academic community, and related research networks. If you have not published your profile yet, we encourage you to join ASELS free and publish your academic profile with a list of your publications. Go to
(3)  A theses/dissertations section has also been created to give an opportunity to authors, advisors, and universities to profile and share with an international (not just a local) readership thousands of theses in language studies. Selected theses published there have already received the attention of researchers, university libraries, and research center databases around the world. Some have already received significant additional citations as well.
Send this link to your colleagues and students (especially postgraduates) to provide them with academic resources to assist their research.  AWEJ has already started sending complementary copies of these selected published theses to some  e-libraries  of international leading universities around the world  as a way of sharing the work of colleagues with  the international community.
On behalf of our team I am happy to provide this update. We look forward to receiving your suggestions and further support.

Khairi O. Al-Zubaidi
March, 2016


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