AWEJ Volume.5 Number.3, 2014                                                                        Pp.180 -189

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Dynamic Written Corrective Feedback Revisited: A Critique and an Improved Model


Omar Altamimi
Hadramout University, Yemen


Giving feedback on the students’ grammatical errors of their written assignments is an issue that received a lengthy debate. Several studies were conducted and produced contradictory results. A model was proposed (Hartshorn, et al, 2010) to overcome the theoretical and practical obstacles. This model is called Dynamic Written Corrective Feedback (DWCF). This paper introduces a critique of the DWCF model and it shows that DWCF has two main problems that make it unsuitable for the ESL classroom. These problems are related to its authenticity and practicality. Furthermore this paper presents a modified model of DWCF to overcome these problems. The modified model integrates two aspects; Peer feedback and Automated Essay Evaluation systems (AES) –s or so called  Automated Writing Evaluation (AWE). The proposal is that peer feedback and AES will work as a filtration system that can solve the issues of authenticity and practicality that the original model has suffered from
Key words: Dynamic Written Corrective Feedback, AES, Integrative model, Critique