AWEJ. Special Issue on Literature No.2   October, 2014                                    Pp.17 -35


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   Creative vis-à-vis Non-creative Translation of Short Story Juxtaposed


 Hasan Said Ghazala
Department of English , College of Social Sciences,
Uma Al-Qura University, Saudi Arabia



A good translation of a literary text is described as creative. This paper argues for the translation of Short Story creatively by constructing a literary piece of translation in the target language. Otherwise, the translation will be spiritless, non-creative and non-literary. The elements of creativity in literature are many, but the core element is style. This argument is confirmed by practical evidence derived from translated extracts from English short stories into Arabic. The elements of creativity and non-creativity in both texts, the SL and the TL, are pointed out and discussed in detail in relation to each example. The conclusions aimed to arrive at toward the end of this paper assert that short stories can be translated creatively and non-creatively, but the approved translation is the creative literary translation which is based on the elements of creativity highlighted in the discussion throughout the paper.
KeyWords: creative, non-creative, literary, non-literary, style, ordinary, literary translation


Hasan Said Ghazala is currently a full Professor of Stylistics and Translation at the English
Department, College of Social Sciences, Umm Al-Qura University, Makkah Al-Mukarramah,
Saudi Arabia. He is a graduate of the UK Universities (MA in Translation and Linguistics, Bath
University, 1983, and Ph.D. in Stylistics, Nottingham University, 1987). He has so far published
(20) books and (44) papers in the two areas of his specialism