Copyright Transfer Agreement

Submission and Publication Acceptance Agreements

  • Papers submitted to AWEJ for review and possible publication will not have been submitted for review anywhere else and, if accepted for review, will not be submitted elsewhere whilst the paper is undergoing review. The authors of papers accepted for Review will be asked to fill out, sign, and return a submission agreement to this effect. The authors of those papers accepted for publication will also be asked to confirm in a publication acceptance the agreement that the paper has not been and will not be published elsewhere. Publication in AWEJ transfers the right to AWEJto distribute papers, but authors do retain their copyright.
  • AWEJ’s applies the following Open Access copyright policy  (a) The authors keep the copyright. (b)  The copyright allows that classroom use is free, but other uses depend on the permission of the authors themselves. (c) The journal asks only for a licensee to publishing the article as the first publisher. (d) The author is obliged to mention AWEJ as a source whenever the author later republishes the article on other platforms.
  • Authors should send the Transfer of Copyright Agreement. This signed statement must be received by the Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) when the manuscript is accepted for review for possible publication in AWEJ. Authors of manuscripts will assign the Transfer of copyright Agreement to AWEJ the permanent right to distribute their papers, but they will retain their copyright. After the paper has appeared in AWEJ, authors may republish their texts as long as they clearly acknowledge AWEJ  as the original publisher and the only source for citation purposes.