Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume 11. Number2. June 2020                       Pp.1-2

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A Critical Discourse Analysis of Nelson Mandela’s Defense Speech
I am Prepared to Die
Bader Nasser Aldosari
3- 17
Feedback on the Classroom Performance of Pre-service English language Teachers in Oman
Moza Abdullah Al-Malki , Katie Weir & Wayne Usher
8- 36
Investigating the Use of Internet Applications for Teaching at Higher Educational Level in the Indonesian Context
Tri Mega Asri , Dini Kurnia Irmawati & Dian Novita Dewi
Syntactic Analysis of Sentence Adverbials Observed in the Victorian
Novel Jane Eyre
Eva Leláková & Andrea Belúchová
49 -58
Identifying Students’ Self-perceived Multiple Intelligence Preferences: the Case of Students from Heilongjiang International University, China
A Pragmatic Analysis of Islam-related Terminologies in Selected Eastern and Western Mass Media
Zein Bani Younes , Isyaku Hassan & Mohd Nazri Latiff Azmi
Promoting Students’ Intercultural Communicative Competence through English Literary Texts: Students’ Attitudes and Teachers’ Challenges
Hayat BAGUI & Fatima Zohra ADDER
Preparatory Learners’ Perspectives of Learner Autonomy in the Saudi Context
Jameelah Asiri & Nadia Shukri
A Functional Analysis of the Thematic Organization in Electrical Engineering Research Article Introductions Written in English By Native and Saudi Scholars: A Comparative Study
Hesham Suleiman Alyousef & Alaa Ahmed Alzahrani
Enhancing Critical Writing towards Undergraduate Students in Conducting Research Proposal
Moh. Yamin & Oikurema Purwati
Conflicting and Challenging Patriarchal and Liberal Feminist Ideologies and Norms in Afghanistan: Critical Stylistic Study of Khaled Hosseini’s And the Mountains Echoed
Aziz Ahmad & Rab Nawaz Khan
A Diagnostic Chomskian View to Arabic Asymmetry
Mohammad Awad Al-Dawoody Abdulaal
168 -186
The Linguistic History and the Ideological Inhibitions in Foreign Language Context in the Post-Independence Algeria
187 -201
Graduate Students Perceptions of Success in United States Colleges
Mousa S. Alfaifi, Heba AbuZayyad-Nuseib , Nadia Awaida & Waynne W. James
Effectiveness of Using Poly Category Mind Map for Vocabulary Development
Thashwinny a/p Prabha & Azlina Abdul Aziz
Development of English Spelling Acquisition Stages of Saudi Intermediate School Students
Mohammad Hussein Hamdan & Muteb Ahmad S. Al-Zahrani
A Qualitative Inquiry into the Difficulties Experienced by Algerian EFL Master Students in Thesis Writing: ‘Language is not the Only Problem’
Boufeldja Bakhou & Bachir Bouhania
The Impact of Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety on Saudi Male Students’ Performance at Albaha University
Elsadig Mohamed Khalifa Gawi
English-Mediated Presentations in Pharmacy: Exploring Literacy Practices among Saudi Female Undergraduates
Noura A. Alghamdi
The Effectiveness of Multimedia Learning in Enhancing Reading Comprehension Among Indigenous Pupils
Mohamad Subaidi bin Abdul Samat & Azlina Abdul Aziz
Summarizing as a Strategy to Enhance Grammar and Writing Skills: The Case of First Year LMD Learners at the Algerian University Dr. Tahar Moulay-Saida
Chahrazede MOURI
Using Strategic Reading Techniques for Improving EFL Reading Skills
Mohammed Ahmed Okasha
311 -322
The Application of Visual Vocabulary for ESL Students’ Vocabulary Learning

Mohd Haniff Mohd Tahir , Intan Safinas Mohd Ariff Albakri , Airil Haimi Mohd Adnan , Mohamad Syafiq Ya Shaq & Dianna Suzieanna Mohamad Shah

Implementation of the Sheltered Instructional Observation Protocol (SIOP) Model in the Saudi Classroom: EFL Teachers’ Perspectives
Hind  A. Al Fadda
339- 360
Omani Students’ Coping Strategies in an English Medium Engineering Programme
Holi Ibrahim Holi Ali
The Effect of Cultural Schemata on EFL Learners’ Reading Comprehension Ability
Hiba Bensalah & Noureddine Gueroudj
Difficulties in Pronouncing English Morphemes among Saudi EFL Students at Albaha University. A Case Study in Almandag
Ibrahim Abdalla Ahmed Abker
Interpretive Reading as a Strategy to Construct Meaning in EFL Reading Comprehension: A Case Study at King Khalid University
Ahmad I. Assiri & Ahlullah Siddiqui
411- 419
Book Review: Beyond “Listen and Repeat” Investigating English Pronunciation Instruction at the Upper Secondary School Level in Slovakia
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