AWEJ Special issue on literature No. 1                                                                                                            Pp.2-3

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Ebtisam Ali Sadiq


Coleridge’s “Ballad of the Dark Ladie”: The Story between the Lines Ebtisam Ali Sadiq

5- 15

Cultural Representations of Muslim Women in Contemporary Arab Anglophone Poetry: A Study of Nimah Nawwab’s The Unfurlin
Hessa A. Alghadeer

16- 29

Macbeth’s Motiveless Malignity: The “sweet discord” in Shakespeare’s Craftsmanship
Mary Raj

30- 41

Speculative Writing and Environmentalist Politics: Ecocritical Readings of Oryx and Crake and Der Schwarm

Doris Hambuch


The Interplay of Identities in Jamal abu Hamdan’s Novella The Blood Line

Shadi Neimneh

Abdel Baset Neimneh


Reading and agency in Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre

Krystyna Golkowska

67 -75

Patterns of Representation of the Self in Modern Arabic Autobiographical Writing

Nedal Mousa Mahmoud Al-Mousa


The Survival of the Author in Ian McEwan’s Sweet Tooth

Alaa Alghamdi

89 -101

Charlotte Bronte’s Alternative Enlightenment: The Muslim Other in Villette

Khaled Aljenfawi


Aladdin’s Wonderful Lamp: How are Foreign Folktales Conveyed in Western Children’s Literature?
Eman Elturki
Suda Shaman


Past, Status Quo, and Future of the Department of EnglishAhmad Y. Majdoubeh

134 -149

Theme via Technique: Fear of the Human World as Reflected in the Poetic Techniques Used in Louis MacNeice’s ‘Prayer before Birth’
Abdel Mohsen Ibrahim Hashim

150- 158

African American Female Subjectivity: Reading Postcolonialism In Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye
Aspalila Shapi
iFaisal Lafee Alobeytha
Sharifah Fazliyaton Shaik Ismail


Adultery and Redemption in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter (1850) and Graham Greene’s The Power and the Glory (1940)
Hany A. Abdelfattah

171 – 186

The Presence of Augustinian Thought in Beowulf

Antonín Zita

187- 200

A Mythological and Archetypal Reading of Abdullah Radhwan’s Poetry

Rima Eid Asi Moqattash

201 – 210

Universal Themes and Messages in Gibran’s The Prophet

Nidaa Hussain Fahmi Al-Khazraji
Mardziah Hayati Abdullah
Wong Bee Eng


A Reading of the Immigrant Psyche of the Protagonist/Writer in “The Tiger`s Daughter”.


A Lover-Poet’s Voice: The Subjective Mode in Robert Browning’s Love Poetry
Mohamed Saad Rateb


The Important of Connotation in Literary Translation

Asim Ismail  Ilyas

248- 263

Critical Study of the Literary Content of the Palestinian Textbook
English for PalestineSalah Shrouf
Raghad Dwaik

264 – 295

The Work of Memory as a ‘Counter-Discursive Strategy’ in Ngugi’s,  Armah’s and Morrison’s Fictional works


296 – 303

A Time Travel and the Social Imaginary of the Steppe in The Day Lasts More than a Hundred Years
Catherine Carey

303 – 312

Identity Crisis in Dalit Short Stories from Maharashtra
Ali Ahmed Khan

313 – 320

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