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Dr. Samia Naqvi
 The Effectiveness of M-reader in Promoting Extensive Reading among Arab EFL Learners
Tareq Monther Al Damen
3- 23
Role of Guest Lecturer in Research Proposal Writing: Students’ Perception
Larysa Nikolayeva
Challenges of Integrating Academic Sources in Assessed Assignments:
A Case of Arab EFL Learners
Samia Naqvi
 Learning English Language in Authentic Settings:

A Case Study with Foundation Level Students in Oman
Van Louis Lo , Asma Al Aufi & Samir Mohand Cherif

Who is at Edge – Tutors or Tutees? Academic, Social and Emotional elevation through Peer Tutoring
Reema Srivastava & Muhammed Rashid


 Introducing ePortfolios to Prevent Plagiarism
Radhika Lakshmi Sankara Narayanan


Effective Use of Benchmarking: The Context of the Centre for Preparatory Studies in Oman
Meenalochana Inguva
 Male and Female EFL Teachers’ Consciousness of Self-disclosure: A Case Study from Al Baha University, Saudia Arabia
Ahmed F. Shoeib
 A rose by any other name…:

Exploiting any literary text in the ESL/EFL classroom
Shahzad Ahmad , Faiz Sathi Abdullah & Mohammad Yunus Ibrahim

 Towards Arab Students’ Grammatical Errors in Academic

Writing & their Perceptions
Soheil Atashian & Khairiya  Al-Bahri

 Enhancing English Language Teaching through Films in General Foundation Programs
Praveen Alluri
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