AWEJ Volume.5 Number.3, 2014                                                                                                                 Pp.1-2PDFContents

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Developing a Pragmatics Test for Arabic ESL Learners
Sawako Matsugu


Grammatical Pairs in English and Arabic Translation[i]



Relative Impact of Windows Movie Maker Journaling on Writing Proficiency and  Apprehension

Ghada Awada

31 -44

Arab-American and Muslim-American Studies in Secondary Social Studies Curriculum

Monica M. Eraqi


Significance of Colors in the Noble Quran and the Ethics of TranslatingThem into English: An Empirical Study on Some Verses

Muna A. Al-Shawi


Reconceptualizing the Writing Center in the Wake of Local Admissions: Redefining Writing Centers in Qatar

Molly McHarg


The Causes of Primary School Dropout among Rural Girls in

Morocco:  a Case Study of Sidi Smail District

Mohammed Derdar

Integrating Reading into Writing Instruction in the EFL Programs at Saudi Universities.

Adel Hassan AlOmrani


Arabic Language in a Globalized World: Observations from the United Arab Emirates

Wissal Al Allaq


Native and Non-Native English Speaking Teachers’ Advantages and Disadvantages

Masuda Wardak

124- 141

Learning Circles: Promoting Collaborative Learning Culture for Teacher
Professional Development

Majida “Mohammed Yousef” Fahmi Dajani


Expectances and Outcomes of an Extensive Reading Programme Carried out among University Students

Nkechi M. Christopher


Eleventh Grade Comprehension Questions in a Palestinian Context: A Textbook Analysis of Linguistic Phrases

Omar Mustafa Abu Humos

170 -179

Dynamic Written Corrective Feedback Revisited: A Critique and an Improved Model

Omar Altamimi

      180 -189

Second Language Writing and Culture: Issues and Challenges from the Saudi Learners’ Perspective

Nadia Ahmad Shukri

190 -207

Alternative Causal Meanings of Some Arabic Particles and Prepositions with                    Reference to Selected Qur’anic Verses: A Semantic Analysis

Shifaa Muhammed Al-Azzawi, Ministr & Sawsan Kareem Al-Saaidi

208 -221

Towards an Action Research Approach to ELT in Morocco: Why, and how ?

Manar Dahbi



Thesis Statement in English Argumentative Essays by Arab Students: A Study of Contrastive Rhetoric

Hmoud Alotaibi


Translation Analysis on Utterances Used in Daily Communication (A Pragmatic View Based on the English and Indonesian Cultural Perspectives)

Rudi Hartono


Gender and Lexical Features in Jordanian University Students’
Use of SMS MessagingRafat M. Al Rousan


 Arabic Language as the Foundation of Semitic Languages

Solehah Yaacob

       278 -290

Development, Problems and Solutions: A Critical Review of Current Situation of College English Language Education in Mainland China

Chili Li

291 -303

Linguistic Analysis of Humor in Jordanian Arabic among Young Jordanians Facebookers

Ala’Eddin Abdullah Ahmed Banikalef, Marlyna Maros & Ashinida Aladdin


Cultural Awareness; A Key Element in Teaching English in the
Globalization EraNatasha Rajabieslami


Unearthing a sense of cosmopolitan social justice in Middle Eastern students through an analysis of media language.

Naghmana Ali


Teaching English to Cadets in Police Colleges and Academies in the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf: Theory and Practice

Mohammed Nasser Alhuqbani


A Sociolinguistic Perspective on the Arab Spring and Its Impact on Language Planning Policy: the Case o f Libya

Fawzi Younis Hamed


Visual Impairment and Majoring in English as a Foreign Language

Hassan Ahmed El-Nabih



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