Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Vol.6. No.3 September 2015                                                     Pp. 1-2



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Synergizing Formative and Summative Assessment of Presentation Slideshows

Eddy White

3 – 29

A study of Cohesion in International Postgraduate Students’ Multimodal Management Accounting Texts

Hesham Suleiman Alyousef & Suliman Mohammed Alnasser

30 – 46

Effects of Structural Context Integration on Ambiguity Elimination for Students of Translation

Reem Ibrahim Rabadi & Haytham Hamad Althawbih

47 – 63

Web-based English for Computer Science: Students’ Evaluation of Course Effectiveness

Mostefa Meddour

64 – 80

Exploring the Cognitive Processes of Students and Professors of Translation


81 – 93

Teaching Academic Writing to Undergraduate Saudi students: Problems and Solutions – A King Saud University perspective

Nasser Saleh Al-Mansour

94– 107

Examining the Effectiveness of Utilizing Mobile Technology in Vocabulary
Development for Language LearnersHind Alzahrani

108– 119

Compounding as a Near Universal Phenomenon with Special Reference to Standard Arabic Nominal Compounding

Abdul-Hafeed Ali Fakih & Nadia Ali Al-Shwafi


Metaphor and Action Embodiment in the Glorious Quran
As’ad  J. Abu Libdeh

136 – 156

Moroccan University Students’ Use of the English Regular Past and Plural Allomorphic Variations

Smirkou Ahmed

157 – 165

Saudi EFL Students’ Perceptions toward the Online Interactions of their Peers and Instructors
Ali Hussein Alamir

166 – 190

“I could right what had been made wrong”:Laila Lalami’s appropriation of Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko

Yousef Awad



English Triumphalism in Academic Writing: The Price of Global Visibility
Randa Sibahi

205– 218

Transposition and Modulation to Translate Tourism Texts from English into Indonesian
Budi Purnomo

219 –229

Adding More Fuel to the Fire: A Study of Attrition in Formulaic Sequences

by Adult Learners

Thamer Alharthi

230 –243

An Exploration of Freshman Students’ Attitude towards English Literature
Raghad Dwaik, Salah Shrouf  & Bassem Sahib

244 – 260

The Challenges of  World  Wide Web in  Teaching and Learning English Literature in Indonesia

Tatit Hariyanti

261 – 274

Cultural Approximation, Alienation and the Role of English as a Second Language in Canadian Society

Haja Mohideen Mohamed Ali & Tasdiq Nomaira Alam

275 – 292

An Investigation of Idiom Comprehension and Translation by Translation Students at KSU
Dania Adel Salamah

293– 308

Code-switching in Daily Conversations among Iraqi Students in Malaysia
Saka Sally Sardar,  Alsamrayee Ahmad Ali Mahdi &  Yasin Mohamad Subakir Mohd

309- 319.

Difficulties and Strategies in Translating Collocations in BBC Political Texts

Khetam W. Shraideh  & Radwan S. Mahadin

320- 356

Culturally Responsive Teaching and Bilingual Students’ Literacy Skills in the Middle East

Farah Omar Habli


Assessment of EFL Learners’ Ability to Identify and Interpret Rhetorical

Que Questions: A Pragmatic Perspective Study
Khalid Sabie Khamees


The Effectiveness of Social Distance on Requests
Sumayyah Qaed Alsulami


Variation in Address Forms for Arab Married and Unmarried Women in the Workplace: A Sociolinguistic Study
Mays Qasem Ajlouni & Lutfi Abulhaija


Book Review

Papers in Arabic/English Translation Studies 1: An Applied Perspective

Author: Mohammed Farghal et al.

Reviewer: Ahmad Al-Harahsheh


Book Review

Research Design, Creating Robust Approaches for the Social Sciences398-4000

Author: Stephen Gorard
Reviewer:  Nadia Idri



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